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Puri DhamaRadhaaRahijare Jaga KaliaaRas DumerRas GulaSakal Tritha To CharaneSakala Tirtha To CharaneSalabega Bhajana MalaSankat Tarini Maa HingulaSankirtana Vol 1Sankirtana Vol 2Saradha Bali HitsSaradha Bali Hits 1988Barasha RaniBatoi BhaiBedi UpareBeimani PriyaBhala Jhia TiBhola Sankara Thile Dara KahakuBom Bom BholaChala Misi Pijiba BisaEthita Sabu JagannathGanga Lo GangaGhata Gaan RaaniGhata Gaan Re Mo BouGhata Ghan Gadi ChadilaMo Hata ReSmruti BilasBiswarupaSmruti Kahe AjiSambalpuri DhamakaAsiq Purana is in no way affiliate with any Odia Mp3 files downloading websites like,,, or any other Odia track downloading or Odia music file sharing website. All of these Odia mp3 were contributed by our loyal users. We don't upload any Odia song ourself. We have only categorized these Odia mp3 songs in our website. These Odia soundtracks are user's uploaded content under the act of creative commons and share-alike attribute. If any of these Odia music file were downloaded without the owner's permission or copyright then you can report us or send us DMCA takedown notice. One more thing all of the above search results are build using user uploaded content and we have our own term of services with legal policies to hold it. You can not compensate us for that. Neither we are responsible for any uploaded any mp3 file on our server. We are also not responsible for any virus attack on your PC or mobile. If you face any virus problem then please upgrade your firewall, antivirus.